CEP 813: Assessment Design Version 3.0 – Online Course Reflections within a Digital Portfolio

Well, I’m truly amazed at how fast the semester has flown by, and from reviewing the assignment sharetracker the vast quantity and quality of work put forth by my CEP 813 colleagues. As I’m aiming to contribute to this wealth of knowledge via creation, my final revision of the formative assessment design project below can be found both via the Google document and the direct Canvas link below. In my last revision I expanded the online course reflection (OCR) section to include a mid-term check-in component, allowing students to provide their thoughts on the course and their learning, while also providing instructors with a tool focused more specifically on formative assessment within their own course. Thanks in advance to those of you who have provided feedback on my assignments previously, I surely benefited from the advice passed along (and I believe my assessment design reflects those recommendations too!).

Google document recapping the design thought process and components

Digital Portfolio and Online Course Reflections on Canvas


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