Minecrafty: Drafting for Minecraft Design


Module 4, Week 2 – Minecraft Design

Just a brief post tonight, but I thought I would start preparing for the Minecraft assessment design, by crafting my ideas on paper before implementing them online. Attached below you will see my mock up for a brief introduction to online course evaluations (OCEs) and the grade release process. Each quarter the Office of the Registrar places holds on the students’ records until they complete the online course evaluations. The Minecraft design will hopefully cover this process, with informational stops that students must acknowledge along the way. Currently students must complete (or decline, essentially take action) the OCEs and their grades will be released by the morning the next day

The design is focused on a bridge which starts with the OCE and displays information about the OCE process and how grade holds are removed, centered around student action. At the end of the bridge, the students will be asked a question (hopefully, if Minecraft allows) on the tutorial they have just completed in Minecraft to simulate the OCE process and then grades being available. The students will also be briefly quizzed on the other side of the “Grades” side of the bridge. Essentially the bridge resembles the gap of misunderstanding between the start of OCEs and the release of GRADES, as hopefully detailed below (although quite poorly crafted).

Okay, that’s it for now, time to jump into the actual design! Fingers crossed!


3 thoughts on “Minecrafty: Drafting for Minecraft Design

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